OEC 9900 Elite Versatility. So what is it that makes the OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm one of the most adulated in the industry?

Some will tell you it’s the ability of this C-arm to effortlessly peel through image production based upon orbital, lateral, vertical and combined movements in a manner that can outpace almost any other machine on the market.

Versatility they will tell you dressed up with speed-as fast as you can handle. When you can cover nine degrees of your subject every second and span a whopping 148 degrees Orbitally as well, you have connection and maneuverability with your images that few c-arms can claim.

Add to that a Lateral scanning capability of 279/90 degrees also with speeds of 9 degrees per second coverage and the world is your oyster. Your product is only limited by your own prowess and as fun as this machine is to use you will find your masterful image limits more easily than you imagined.

With fully engaged motorized lift capabilities and the ability to view the potential images in real time on an auxiliary left hand monitor you waste no time in finding the shots you need to do your team and your patient justice.

OEC 9900 Elite User Friendly – When the clock is ticking this machine is your ever present top contender. Heck it’s your entire team if that’s how you work. As a solitary user you get all the control necessary to deliver.

Single Controller Capability – Rush situations, no problem this system even at top speed capacity will be safe for you to manage alone and sensitive to your patient. The OEC 9800 Plus has an uncanny, almost superhuman ability to detect potential collision problems as you swing from one shot to the next. You will find yourself aided with both auditory and visualize real time warnings when things get dicey. No more collisions or image knocks.

Stay Cool When the Action is Hot
– OEC has truly outdone the competition with it’s own trademarked pipe cooling capability. The field’s most dependable heat-pipe system includes a fully duct based cool off system. Cooling time –don’t worry about it. Your 9800 Plus is a non-stop producer.

The 9900 Elite when strained has over and over demonstrated itself to be impervious to the heat generated. The heat capacity of the x-ray tubes on this machine can handle faster throughput of patients without a break. You get an increase of fluoro up time without fail. The busiest offices have not been disappointed and we’ve heard them announce they wouldn’t trade their single 9800 Plus for three of any other machine on the market!

Plug and Play the OEC 9900 Elite – The real fun is in the details and those operators who just love their video games and love the feeling of a powerful joystick in their hands will tell you that the 9800 Plus puts it all on the line. Based upon the best of “JOYSTICK” capabilities this controller system brings a sense of expert handling to the operator. Full control and full access is what the 9900 Elite is all about.

And talk about plug and play. There is little more to the set up of the GE OEC 9900 Plus than finding the right environment, the right table and the right operator, hopefully one who can engage this machine for maximum performance for your office.

Training is a cinch with the intuitive nature of the programming and a touchscreen that will make your operator’s life simple. Your screen will appear already annotated with patient information. Prepare to fluro, choose your favorite image modality, and press the x ray exposure start switch on your remote handheld controller. Or if you choose move easily between mainframe and foot pedal control options.

Plug in and retrieve your patient’s info without a glitch, select the image manipulation functions; mark your images and choose hard copy film reproductions or paper PRINT and/or SEND! How much easier can it get?