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At Sharp Medical, Refurbished C Arms are Our Passion!

Securing YOU the BEST C Arm Machine DEAL Possible is Our Promise!


“Your patients don’t go to a General Practitioner when they need YOU. So, when YOU need a refurbished C-Arm, don’t waste your time on the “we sell everything” med equipment sites. Instead, call Sharp Medical, your C-Arm Specialist! Procuring and installing your perfect Refurbished C-Arm is our ONLY Business.”

We Are Your Refurbished C Arms, Tables and Accessories Experts

We are not a generalist medical sales office. This means that when you call 800-969-9800 you will be speaking with our specialist in c-arms and c-arms tables immediately. Instead of a generalist with unknown experience in the C-Arms market selling all variety of medical equipment to all variety of customers, you get an expert who has been in the mix for over 17 years. We understand that you need to get into the c-arm business as economically as possible. We know this business and we are here to respond to your needs. As experts who have been involved with the industry of New and Refurbished C-Arms we want to share our knowledge gleaned over decades of c-arm sales and service experience. Our C-Arm Refurbishment Technical Team has been serving large and small medical offices, clinics, hospitals and surgical centers and understands your specific equipment requirements.

Sharp at Every Step Along the Way

At Sharp Medical we maintain an extensive network of C-Arm inventory and work closely with the makers of the best tables, software, printers and accessories to cover every aspect of your equipment acquisition and installation. We offer above average c-arm technical support and c-arm use training assistance so you and your personnel can concentrate on patients’ needs. You will find us prompt and friendly when you need assistance. We stand behind the equipment we bring you and we can deliver a comprehensive warranty and promise of service along with every one of our c-arms. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Guidance as You Finance Your Investment and Calculate Your Return
  • Superior Refurbished C-Arm Equipment
  • New Custom and Industry Standard C-Arm Tables
  • C-Arm Software, Recorders and Printers
  • Technical Training in C-Arm Applications
  • Safety First C-Arm Operation Training and Standards Information
  • On-site C-Arm Product Support Services
  • Installation consults and referrals
  • C-Arm Equipment Service, Parts and Repair
  • Assistance Navigating your State C-Arm Regulatory Requirements
  • Tutorials on Billing and Making Your C-Arm Investment Profitable

Assisting Your Office is our Goal

Allow c arm x ray experts to assist with a C-Arm purchase that will benefit your business goals now. Because you know we will be there for the duration and beyond, you can invest with confidence. Our returning customers have come to expect quality service that does not depreciate. We are invested in your success.

The focus of your medical office or institution, ultimately, is to be responsive and responsible for Clients’ medical needs and outcomes. You need a Refurbished C-Arm source that you can count on to bring you high performance C-Arms, along with the right tables and accessories and you need them in a timely fashion. Additionally, in today’s medical business climate, practitioners’ require a partner in equipment investment who will pay close attention to financial objectives. We have the experience and track record with C-Arm refurbishing, sales and service to meet your requirements. We have worked for nearly two decades with a variety of institutions and offices.

Service Above the Industry Standard

Our technicians have training and experience derived from time invested with all of the major renowned and innovative manufacturers in C-Arm development and technology. We listen and respond with confidence borne of experience and education that is up to date and applicable. We keep current with industry Safety Standards and state regulatory functional requirements for equipment so that you don’t have to. It’s a matter of taking responsibility for the long run. We maintain relationships with manufacturers to help you stay current with research and innovation in the field. We are accountable to you.

Resolving Your C-Arm Questions

This involvement and commitment does not end at point of your c-arm purchase; it accompanies each superior refurbished C-arm and C-arm table that we provide. Our technical training and offsite support once your c arm is installed, is of the caliber you can depend on.

We maintain a close working relationship and are on a first name basis with representatives of all major manufacturers of the refurbished C-Arms we sell. You will find us up to date and knowledge regarding upgrade equipment, expanded usage information and software needs. Our contacts include folks working with industry leaders from the following manufacturers:

Your goal is to keep your clinic running smoothly and efficiently as you provide quality patient diagnostic and treatment services. Our goal is to meet the needs of your office by offering sound advice and guidance with your initial and subsequent c-arm investments, one of the most significant investments you will ever make.

Refurbished C-Arms, Tables and Accessories

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