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Rent a C-Arm from Sharp Medical

Sharp Medical offers the largest rental selection of new and refurbished C-Arms.

Contact us online today or call us at 1-800-969-9800 for more information about any of our C-Arms.

GE OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm
Sharp Medical can help you determine which C-Arm is right for your practice based on the following criteria:
  1. Cost: Renting a C-Arm can be an expensive investment, and it is important to properly budget to cover the cost of the rental. Long-term costs, including maintenance and service, are taken into consideration as well to ensure that you are able to make the most of your investment.
  2. Space: C-Arms are large, complex medical devices that require a significant amount of space to be used effectively. The layout of your facility should be taken into consideration to determine the available space to ensure that the C-Arm can be properly installed and used.
  3. Clinical needs: Different C-Arms have different capabilities and features, so it is important to carefully consider the clinical needs of your facility to ensure that you choose the right model. This includes factors such as image quality, versatility, and ease of use.
  4. Staff training: Staff will need to be trained on the proper use and maintenance of the C-Arm, so it is important to consider the availability and qualifications of staff when choosing a C-Arm.

By carefully considering these factors, Sharp Medical can ensure that you choose the right C-Arm for your facility and budget. We can make sure you maximize the benefits of your investment while minimizing cost, all while ensuring optimal patient care.

GE OEC 9800 Plus Super C-Arm


Browse our selection of GE OEC C-Arms, including the 9900 Elite, 9800 Plus Super C, 9800, 9600, 9400, and 9000 C-Arms.

Siemens C-Arms

Siemens C-Arms

Browse our selection of Siemens C-Arms, including the Cios Alpha, Arcadis Orbic 3D, Arcadis Orbic, Arcadis Avantic, Arcadis Varic, and Siremobile Compact L C-Arms.

Ziehm Imaging C-Arms

Ziehm C-Arms

Browse our selection of Ziehm C-Arms, including the Vision RFD, Quantum, Vision, Vista, and Exposcop 7000 C-Arms.

Philips C-Arms

Philips C-Arms

Browse our selection of Philips C-Arms, including the Veradius, BV Pulsera, BV Endura, BV Libra, BV 300, and the BV 25 C-Arms.

Hologic Mini C-Arms

Hologic Mini C-Arms

Browse our selection of Hologic Mini C-Arms, including the Fluoroscan Insight Mini, Fluoroscan Premier Encore Mini, and the Fluoroscan Premier OfficeMate Mini C-Arms.

OrthoScan Mini C-Arms

OrthoScan Mini C-Arms

Browse our selection of OrthoScan Mini C-Arms, including the HD Mini, UC Mini, and the FD Mini C-Arms.

Refurbishing process

Refurbishment Process

Read more about our detailed step-by-step C-Arm refurbishing process that we can perform either remotely on-site or in our refurbishing facility. Rest easy knowing you can rely on your equipment from Sharp Medical.

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