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A Refurbished GE OEC 9000 C-Arm can always be counted on to provide fantastic core functionality without over extending the budget. When you know that you will need something that simply won’t ever quit on you, a refurb OEC 9000 remains one of the viable options available.

There are several features which make the OEC 9000 a fantastic choice for those who require a rock solid piece of equipment. Though it’s true that the OEC 9000 may not be equipped with many of the cutting edge features, it continues to perform as a reliable workhorse for a great many offices across the nation.

Regardless of its age, the OEC’s ability to perform is based on the idea of core functionality with a stress on long life. There are a few things about the OEC 9000 that make it a fantastic option. For example, the fact that the display monitors are separate from the arm itself can be a wonderful asset provided of course that you do not intend to regularly move the system. Up to 60 high quality images can be stored digitally to make sure that the information you require is on hand.

In the end, the real reason to look into refurb OEC 9000 is its ability to provide the same core functionality of the more recent models at an excellent price point. Legacy equipment such as this provides superior reliability and rock solid performance without overstepping the budget. Consider also that the return investment on this equipment will provide excellent profit margins without sacrificing efficiency.

There is a reason the GE OEC 9000 C-Arm has retained its position as a mainstay in the industry; this model has served as a benchmark for value and life expectancy for all successor models in the OEC series. We invite you to contact us and speak with one of our experts on how the OEC 9000 can prove to be an excellent investment for your facility. The specifications of the OEC 9000 are more than adequate to serve as your primary equipment for years into the future.

For many operators, bells and whistles are less important than the reliability of the equipment itself. The ability to trust the performance of the equipment has a value that is often not taken into direct consideration. Value judgments can sometimes be determined by the life span of the equipment itself and not necessarily the extras which can make other models appear more attractive. We suggest considering the OEC 9000 as the starting point for any new office.

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