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GE OEC MiniView C-ArmThe OEC MiniView C-Arm enables surgeons to single-handedly capture clear, fast, and convenient images in surgical suites or clinical settings. This C-Arm has the same size Live and Reference images on a 27″ 4K display so you can easily see fine anatomical details, and it allows you to save time with a positioning detector so you can quickly lock the device into place with one-button. With 5-minute standby power you can be ready for every day demands.

Additional features of the OEC GE MiniView:

  • Minimize additional positioning shots aligning X-ray to patient anatomy with green laser aimer
  • Sitting or standing, achieve optimal positioning with a wide range of
    C-Arm motion
  • Multiple features to reduce dose, including Live Zoom, low dose mode and Fluorostore
  • Plan procedures such as screw placements with Digital Pen, annotations and measurements

Extremity imaging performed easily

GE OEC MiniView C-Arm features

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