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GE OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm

Ideal for orthopedics, the GE OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm is a cost-effective mini C-Arm system. It comes with edge enhancement features to ensure high quality images and proper diagnosis. It is an easily transportable C-Arm that comes with dual 16 inch high resolution monitors, and its 27 x 27 footprint makes it an ideal product for space constrained areas.

GE OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm Features:

  • 4/6 image intensifier
  • One shot
  • Frame averaging
  • Patient annotation
  • 16 image storage
  • Auto fluoro mode
  • Osteo/Ped lamp for imaging lower density bones
  • Reverse camera keys
  • Dual high-resolution monitors
  • Footswitch

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