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GE OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm

Oec 9900 250w

For a great many Facilities, a refurbished GE OEC 9900 Elite is the only logical choice for both the office and the operators. Perhaps one of the most highly prized pieces of equipment in the industry, you can expect superior performance on all fronts from this aptly named “elite” technological ally.

Of course, you can expect to enjoy all the latest features and cutting edge performance enhancing technology you have come to expect from the OEC Line; with a few added extras designed to make the operation of this equipment highly efficient and effective.

GE C-Arms are famous for their investment returning value. With the increased efficiency of the 9900 Elite, you can expect to see large increases in productivity and efficiency simply by providing your staff access to the GE OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm. Your operators will thank you, your patients will thank you, and the return investment will astound you.

Perhaps the greatest selling point of the GE OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm is its superior image quality, Touting twice the resolution and 4 times the information made available to operators makes this a must have for the office that values precision. 18” monitors provide an enlarged viewing area to make sure that nothing is passed by or missed. Advanced articulation allows for these monitors to be viewed from all 4 sides of the table.

Further examination of the feature list reveals a few extras that will soon appear as indispensable industry standards. Motorized controls of the C-Arm, as well as collision detection apparatus to ensure patient safety allows for operation from either side of the system and ultimate flexibility for the perfect positioning. The OEC 9900 Elite comes equipped with both a footswitch and a hand switch for the physicians use.

High heat capacity X-Ray tube with a built in cooling system means the ability to run the C-Arm for extended Fluoro sessions. Another surprising feature is the ability to send either images or video to CD/DVD burner built into the Monitor station. Still more impressive is the ability to print hardcopies of both film and paper directly from the workstation, forever circumnavigating the necessity for a dark room or the expense of development.

Truthfully, these are just a few of the outstanding features of the OEC 9900 Elite, Refurb units are extremely cost effective and represent an investment that will provide serious returns in the long run. If you have any questions about the full functionality of the 9900 elite, we invite you to contact us and speak to a representative. We’ll make sure that all of your options remain open.

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GE OEC 9800 Plus Super C C-Arm

ge-oec-9800-plus-suber-c-c-arm-250wThe GE OEC 9800 Plus Super C is by far one of the most popular models ever manufactured. Building on the already fantastic OEC 9800, the Super C is trusted by huge numbers of physicians across the globe to get the job done reliably and efficiently. Acquiring a refurbished OEC 9800 Plus Super C will make your facility more efficient, and allow physicians to operate with confidence. High quality equipment also has the effect of increasing patient confidence, which eases the process on all levels.

Excellence in performance and the reliability that comes from its recent development makes a Refurbished OEC 9800 Super C a clear choice for the facility that requires more than the basics for the care of their patients.

Upgraded cooling rates and a superior display resolution makes this equipment accurate, easy to use and reliable for operators with access to this marvel. An optional DICOM interface allows for greater ease and flexibility in generating reports for recordkeeping. An elegantly simple and familiar user interface will ensure that your staff can quickly adapt to the use of the OEC 9800 plus.

Perhaps one of the most valuable assets that the 9800 Plus provides is the enhancements applied to dose controls. These upgrades make it possible to decrease dose percentages by up to 50% without the need to sacrifice image quality. This is achievable with the suite of image enhancement technologies that are built into the equipment.

Touch screen technology allows for greater ease of use and faster procedures with the OEC 9800 Plus C-Arm. It is no surprise that this model is considered the workhorse of the industry. Refurbished OEC 9800 Plus Super C-Arms from Sharp Medical suffer no decrease in functionality. General Electric has provided the world with one of the most excellent tools for the Emergency Room, Operating Room and Pain Management Clinics; providing your physicians with access to this technology will increase their productivity and performance, by giving them the technology they need to provide excellent care.

The OEC 9800 Plus C-Arm is a sleek, feature rich tool which is famous for its versatility and longevity. For the Facility that requires a trusty, modern, hardworking C-Arm system, we often suggest the OEC 9800 Plus. We invite you to speak to our experts about its capabilities and specifications. Our staff will be delighted to help you go through comparisons, possible upgrade packages, and explore potentials for investment returns on any model you wish.

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GE OEC 9800 C-Arm

oec-9800-250wThere is a reason that a refurbished GE OEC 9800 is one of the most reliable C-arms on the market today. It is the system of choice in many surgical workshops and is installed in more hospitals and doctors’ offices worldwide than any other mobile c-arm. As a direct successor from the OEC 9600, it takes all the strengths and none of the weaknesses of its parent model, and builds on the fundamental science that makes the OEC line the most reliable in the field.  A refurb OEC 9800 offer access to of the most reliable pieces of equipment in the field and provides your patients with care they need to make a complete recovery.

Refurbished GE OEC 9800 C-Arms

The GE OEC 9800 has added dual touch screen monitors. Something not entirely new to fluoroscopic systems but was a first for mobile c-arms. With an easy to use tableside joystick, now this device becomes a fully motorized imaging system allowing you to move your c-arm with more precision and control. As a bonus a collision protection feature was installed to warn you before any contact of any kind occur while moving the motorized c-arm. This will keep your patients safe, while allowing maximum efficiency for the operator.

When it comes to mobile c-arms mobility is everything. The steering for the OEC 9800 carries a considerable upgrade from previous models. This allows greater mobility and allows the operator to get a better picture with less manipulation. Better pixel resolution allows greater accuracy of the 9800 series; the upgraded imaging leads to improvement and efficiency on surgical outcomes. This product does everything you want from a c-arm and it does it very well. No wonder the OEC 9800 is consistently the most popular of the OEC systems and is being called the industry standard in mobile imagining.

Buy OEC 9800 at Competitive Prices

We take great pride in our professional level knowledge in the C-arm field. We understand that choosing the right c-arm is very important and price is always going to be one of the main components in swaying your decision. Refurbished c-arms provide a cost effective way to get access to the quality technology that your facility needs. Selling or trading in your existing c-arm may also help effect the cost when looking for a new unit. Whatever you decide with the needs of your facility in mind, we will be glad to help find the c-arm that fits your specific requirements.

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OEC 9600 C-Arm

oec-9600-250wOne of the most popular C-Arm on the market in terms of rentals, the GE OEC 9600 C-arm boasts an undeniably effective suite of features which have proven themselves time and again. As the first model to integrate true digital imaging, a refurbished OEC 9600 C-Arm will update your facility and give your staff the edge that current technology provides.

GSP, ESP, Vascular and Cardio software packages make sure that you are able to purchase exactly what you need without purchasing functionality that your facility does not require. Because the GE OEC 9600 represented a major step forward in the field of medical technology, it received special care in initial design and deployment. General Electric took steps to ensure that the OEC 9600 was simple to operate and offered substantial improvements in terms of core functionality.  

The fact that Refurb OEC 9600 C-Arms remain in high demand shows that this model was endowed with a simple elegance which allows its operators to function with the speed and precision that is so important in the modern medical facility.  Higher heat tolerances for both the anode and housing allow the 9600 to be run for longer than its predecessors and therefore fully capable of extended procedures.

Though some facilities are quite content to rent a OEC 9600 for short amounts of time, it is quite clear that this C-arm will retain its value for many years to come. The features included in the basic package of the OEC 9600 quickly cemented its reputation as the minimum requirement for a modern facility and advanced the standard of technology for all succeeding C-Arm Models. All this information culminates in the simple fact that this model will retain its usefulness for many years to come. In terms of investment, you can expect serious returns over the next several years, while remaining secure in the fact that your level of technology is beyond reproach.

Combine this with the knowledge that the GM OEC 9600 remains one of the most user friendly models on market, and you have a piece of equipment that your entire facility can rely on to provide care to your patients with one of the hardiest, highly functional C-arms available.

We understand that there are many things to consider when choosing a Refurbished C-Arm. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in all models, and is here specifically to provide answers, guidance and direction for your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help. 

OEC 9600 C-Arm Brochure – pdfoec-9600-c-arm-brochure.pdf1.02 MBOEC 9600 Service Manual – pdfoec-9600-servicemanuals.pdf7.66 MBOEC 9600 Block Diagrams – pdfoec-9600-blockdiagrams.pdf3.28 MBOEC 9600 C-Arm Parts List – pdfoec-9600-carmparts.pdf4.86 MBOEC 9600 Workstation Parts List – pdfoec-9600-workstationparts.pdf4.03 MB

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OEC 9400 C-Arm

oec-9400-250sqRefurbished OEC 9400 C-Arms are still highly prized the medical community for their simplicity and ease of use. Two 17 inch high resolution monitors make it easier for operators to more clearly observe and more accurately react. In terms of core functionality, a Refurb OEC 9400 makes for an excellent solution to your fluoroscopy requirements. Still a perfectly viable solution for any facility, the 9400 boasts a rotating anode X-ray tube for greater penetration, Digital Image Enhancements and a Motion Artifact Reduction system.

For any facility that requires a C-Arm with Excellent functionality without overextending the budget, the GE OEC 9400 stands as an extremely viable option. Taking into consideration the fact that this model was created to succeed a longstanding classic, you can expect nothing less than several years of operation, and rock solid performance.

The reason that the OEC 9400 remains common in the industry is its direct approach to quality of function and long life expectancy. The enhancements included into its design ensure that it surpasses its legacy model and make it a more powerful, more versatile and easier to use machine than its previous models.

Though it’s true that newer models have significantly richer feature sets than the OEC 9400, it remains a classic which stays true to the reputation of quality that all models in the OEC line are famous for. Taking advantage of this reputation for quality by investing in a Refurbished OEC 9400 will allow your staff access to quality equipment that will generate significant returns rapidly.

Additional packages for GSP and ESP are available for the OEC 9400; this makes it quite adaptable for whatever is necessary in your practice.
Bringing this hardworking model to your physicians will allow them greater flexibility, and increased efficiency during procedures. The ability to trust that your equipment will function flawlessly is often more important than the newest features. Providing your physicians with the tools they need to get the job done always takes precedence over the shine of the newest technology.

We understand that choosing the right C-arm for your specific requirements can sometimes be a difficult process. Space limitations, experience levels and budget restrictions all play a part in making the best choice for your facility. Our experts are veterans of the industry and well versed in the specific functions of each model we provide. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about which model fits your requirements best, or will provide a maximum return on your investment.

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OEC 9000 C-Arm

oec-9000-c-arm-250w A Refurbished OEC 9000 C-Arm can always be counted on to provide fantastic core functionality without over extending the budget. When you know that you will need something that simply won’t ever quit on you, a refurb OEC 9000 remains one of the viable options available.

There are several features which make the OEC 9000 a fantastic choice for those who require a rock solid piece of equipment. Though it’s true that the OEC 9000 may not be equipped with many of the cutting edge features, it continues to perform as a reliable workhorse for a great many offices across the nation.

Regardless of its age, the OEC’s ability to perform is based on the idea of core functionality with a stress on long life. There are a few things about the OEC 9000 that make it a fantastic option. For example, the fact that the display monitors are separate from the arm itself can be a wonderful asset provided of course that you do not intend to regularly move the system. Up to 60 high quality images can be stored digitally to make sure that the information you require is on hand.

In the end, the real reason to look into refurb OEC 9000 is its ability to provide the same core functionality of the more recent models at an excellent price point. Legacy equipment such as this provides superior reliability and rock solid performance without overstepping the budget. Consider also that the return investment on this equipment will provide excellent profit margins without sacrificing efficiency.

There is a reason the OEC 9000 has retained its position as a mainstay in the industry; this model has served as a benchmark for value and life expectancy for all successor models in the OEC series. We invite you to contact us and speak with one of our experts on how the OEC 9000 can prove to be an excellent investment for your facility. The specifications of the OEC 9000 are more than adequate to serve as your primary equipment for years into the future.

For many operators, bells and whistles are less important than the reliability of the equipment itself. The ability to trust the performance of the equipment has a value that is often not taken into direct consideration. Value judgments can sometimes be determined by the life span of the equipment itself and not necessarily the extras which can make other models appear more attractive. We suggest considering the OEC 9000 as the starting point for any new office.

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