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Ziehm Vision C-ArmWhen taken as a whole, the feature set of a refurbished Ziehm Vision C-Arm makes it an extremely viable option for the facility which requires functional equipment at a price that fits the budget. The idea that medical equipment needs to be jam packed full of bells and whistles to get the job done is a presupposition that the Ziehm Vision C-Arm shatters.

In some situations, it is a far better solution to simply ensure that the core functionality is present, rather than apply a series of bells and whistles which are rarely used or required. A Refurbished Ziehm Vision C-Arm is perfect for the facility which requires nothing less and nothing more than excellent core functionality which they can rely on.

There is one significant improvement made to the Ziehm Vision which makes it an excellent option. The Flat panel image intensifier frees up a significant amount of workspace on the standard sized C without sacrificing, and indeed augmenting, the performance of the machine.
A digital CCD Camera makes sure that the image quality of the Refurbished Ziehm Vision C-Arm leaves nothing to be desired. Dual High-Resolution monitors also ensure that the operators are well equipped with the information they require at all times.

A 4/6/9 tri-mode image intensifier will allow the operator to get the image they need to move ahead with the procedure with this surprisingly versatile equipment. Once again, Ziehm does not fail to deliver the features that are absolutely necessary for professional, reliable equipment.

All if this comes in a surprisingly mobile package that is designed to work for any application you need it for. When it comes to providing the core functionality, while delivering the excellence of professional equipment; a refurbished Ziehm Vision C-Arm is one of the best options available.

A printer built into the package allows greater ease and efficiency when going about the process of record keeping. Including a printer in the equipment has become an essentially standard feature, and the Ziehm Vision is not to leave out anything that professionals absolutely require.

We understand that choosing the right Model C-Arm is not a process to be handled lightly; there are a whole list of factors to take into account including function, features, space, mobility, budget restrictions, training and investment returns. We invite you to contact us and let us help you through the process of picking the equipment which will meet your specific requirements and maximize the investment return of your refurbished equipment.

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