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Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-ArmThe Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-Arm boasts generator performance of up to 25 kW with an industry leading 13″ image intensifier and superior image quality and offers user friendly connectivity, interfaces and operation, making it one of the most efficient c-arms to be found in vascular and orthopedic surgical settings. This machine will give you highly accurate functionality reports offering super diagnostics and patient education data.

The Arcadis Avantic is a multipurpose high-end C-arm for a vast range of applications including cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, gastroenterology, orthopedics and many other fields of practice where high power and a large field of view are required.

Key Features:

  • Powerful performance – 25 kW generator with 250 mA max current
  • Large field of view with industry-leading 13” image intensifier
  • 2.6 Million Heat Unit Capacity – No worries of overheating in long cases
  • Rad Tech friendly with electro-magnetic locks & great counter-balance
  • 60,000 image storage onboard & CD, DVD, USB and DICOM transfer capability
  • Emotion onboard sound system – Keep the O/R rockin’!

Real World Comparison:
Arcadis Avantic vs. GE OEC 9800/9900

Arcadis Avantic GE OEC 9800/9900
Image Intensifier 13″ 12″
Generator Power 25kW 15kW
Max Power 250mA 150mA
Image Storage 60,000 1,000
Motorized Functions No Yes – Optional
Heat Capacity 2.6 million HU 1.6 million HU
Digital Image Rotation & Collimation Yes Yes
Dual Monitors with Articulating Arm No Yes
Software Ease of Use More Involved Straight Forward
Pricing of Used Systems Low/Mid High

On the face of it, the Siemens Avantic has better specs than the GE OEC 9800/9900 models. The reality is the 9800 and 9900 enjoy a huge market share advantage, which brings a user base very comfortable operating the OEC 9800 & 9900. The Rad Techs using the c arms in the operating room have probably trained on the 9800 & 9900 and have used them frequently. The Siemens Avantic only comes configured with the 13” image intensifier, so it competes with the 9800 and 9900 mostly in vascular procedures and some orthopedic cases, like hips. Vascular surgery requires more use of the systems software capabilities and this is where the familiarity with the 9800 and 9900 make an impact.

Overall value:
The Siemens Avantic is a real value on the aftermarket, you can realize a savings of up to 40-50% compared to the 9800, and considerably more on a 9900. If your team is up to the challenge of learning different buttonology, you will save enough to buy a new car! The Avantic is a sophisticated piece of technology produce by a leader in the imaging industry, Siemens Healthcare. You will be happy with the image quality and performance, if learning curve is acceptable.

Real World Comparison:
Arcadis Avantic vs. Philips Pulsera

Arcadis Avantic Philips Pulsera
Image Intensifier 13″ 12″
Generator Power 25kW 7.5kW
Max Power 250mA 75mA
Depth of “C” 29″ 24″
Image Storage 60,000 5,000
Motorized Functions No No
Heat Capacity 2.6 million HU 1.9 million HU
Digital Image Rotation & Collimation Yes Yes
Dual Monitors with Articulating Arm No No
Software Ease of Use More Involved More Involved
Pricing of Used Systems Low/Mid Low/Mid

The Siemens Avantic and the Philips Pulsera 12” are similar in some regards, but vary widely in others. They are both viable solutions for vascular and orthopedic applications, but the Arcadis Avantic is the stronger candidate for both. In the vascular arena, the Avantic offers considerably more power for challenging cases and a higher heat capacity if the procedure stretches into a marathon, an overheated tube makes for a bad day. On the orthopedic front, there is a critical dimension that haunts all Pulsera models, the depth of the c arm, or what we call “Immersion Depth.” Losing a valuable 5” of depth to Pulsera competitors, like the Avantic, maneuvering around a patient in the sterile field is much more challenging. Not a deal breaker, but surgeons looking for more space prefer other options that the Pulsera.

Overall value:
The Siemens Avantic and the Philips Pulsera are real values on the aftermarket, you can realize a savings of up to 40-50% compared to the 9800, and considerably more on a 9900. If you are not dyed-in-wool OEC 9800 or 9900 user, the Avantic and Pulsera are great options. The Avantic and Pulsera represent a real opportunity to save money and are both quality devices produced by leading companies in the imaging industry. You will be happy with either c arm, as long as you understand there are a few differences worth noting.

Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-Arm Features:
  • Powerful performance with up to 25 kW
  • Large field of view by industry-leading 33 cm (13”) image intensifier
  • Brilliant 1K2 image quality
  • Optimized clinical workflow
  • Increased efficiency through user-friendly operation
  • syngo®-based – the unique software platform
  • Comprehensive connectivity and specialized interfaces
Easiest operation thanks to:
  • Ergonomic and lightweight trolley design with a small footprint for superior maneuverability
  • Counterbalanced C-arm design with surpassing values in free space, immersion depth and overscan for superior patient access and positioning flexibility
  • Fast and precise positioning through electromagnetic brakes with intelligent color-coding
  • Adjustable control panel for all-in-one operation
Effortless positioning
  • Circular handle for easy and accurate C-Arm positioning
  • A laser light localizer can be activated at the control panel and indicates the focus exactly with a reduction of fluoro time
Dose-saving features
  • An integrated laser light localizer, radiation free collimation and multi-level dose control are only a few of many dose reduction features
  • The detachable grid combined with a high resolution DAP (Dose Area Product) measuring chamber and an integrated copper filter open the path for pediatric surgery, where dose is most critical
Advanced footswitch operability
  • The multifunction footswitch as an alternative to the standard footswitch allows to control all operating modes and single image storage out of the sterile field
Remote control from within the sterile field
  • Remote user interface for control of all relevant C-Arm functions from within the sterile field
Improved clinical workflow through user-friendly features and design
Ergonomic lightweight and compact trolley design for better maneuverability and less space requirement
  • Cable free rear side and 180° rotatable monitors for considerable reduction of the distance to the OR table
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable monitors for adaption to application specific needs
    Intelligent accessory and cable management such as integrated CD and pen box
  • Easy accessibility of all network and video interfaces for direct connections without any cable chaos
  • X-ray indicator on top of the monitors guarantees best visibility from all directions
  • Centralized footbrake for simplified and fast positioning
    Foldable monitors for protection during transport and storage of the trolley
Uncompromising performance in visualization
  • Large 19″ high-brightness, high contrast TFT monitors
  • Extraordinarily wide viewing angle of 170° and a highly ergonomic mounting on the trolley
  • “Monitor out” interface for viewing on additional monitors
Maximum flexibility in data handling
  • Support of virtually all DICOM 3.0 functionalities (including DICOM Send/Receive, Storage Commitment, Print, Worklist, Query/Retrieve and MPPS)
  • Almost unlimited options for postprocessing, archiving and documentation (with CD, DVD in DICOM and with USB in DICOM and BMP format)
Enjoyable work throughout
  • EMotion – the integrated onboard sound system – supports a positive working atmosphere
An intelligent investment for years to come
  • SRS (Siemens Remote Services) for proactive monitoring and detection
  • Constructive improvements such as status visualization of the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Manufacturer’s BrochureSiemens Arcadis Avantic C-Arm Brochure

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