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Philips Veradius Neo C-ArmThe Philips Veradius Neo C-Arm gives you the image quality, ease of use, and dose management features you need. The advanced Flat Detector allows you to visualize complex bone structures, guide screw placement, and perform a wide range of other orthopedic procedures, with undistorted, high contrast images. This system provides high quality fluoroscopy, DSA runs, and roadmap guidance. From pacemaker lead insertions to abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, the Trixell Flat Detector delivers consistent edge-to-edge image quality and superb contrast resolution to support critical decision making. Advanced vascular software guides you step-by-step through your vascular case, helping you easily control imaging with the foot switch and handheld remote control. The Veradius Neo is equipped with a full range of radiation dose management features such as beam filters, a monoblock design for sharp pulses, and a removable grid that provides excellent dose efficiency.

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