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EconoMAX C-Arm Table

The STI C-Arm table line is designed for high patient throughput for surgery centers, pain management, and other multidisciplinary medical facilities. The Streamline series is the lowest priced table in the imaging table industry.

This line along with the best selling Max series and EconoMAX series C-Arm tables, makes STI the company with the most table options to choose from in the medical table business.

Surgical C-Arm Table Features:
  • Diving board style for easy C-Arm access
  • Large patient capacity – 500 pound load
  • 2” patient high quality comfort pad
  • Facial Cut-out for prone procedures
  • Light weight – easy to physically move the table
  • 24” top eliminates need for arm boards
  • Simple to use top quality wheel locks
    Easy patient transfer to table

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Additional C-Arm Tables:

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