Pain Management C-Arm Applications

Technological Advances in Pain Management

Technological advances leading to more accurate dispensing of  injections of medication for pain management means faster recuperation and increased mobility along with decreased pain for patients.  Spine and para-spinal related pain disorders are no longer dependent upon surgery only to aid patient’s ability to heal through painful episodes.  Third party payers responsible for costs associated with serious spinal pain syndrome have welcomed the options now open to patients. 

With the radiation exposure concerns diminished and the amount of medication needed to treat patients decreased, physicians gravitating to the use of c-arm pain management technology do so with more confidence and greater success than ever in addressing patient’s pain issues.    Time reserved per patient for prolotherapy injection treatments go down as the success rates go up given a physician’s ability to more accurately and objectively visualize specific needle placements when delivering steroids and other pain relief medications. 

C-Arm Guided Fluoroscopy

Today, prolotherapy injection under c-arm guided fluoroscopy is considered a state of the art treatment in pain management clinics across the country.  Without today’s real-time c-arm generated images physicians were previously left to guess and maneuver in virtual darkness, sometimes settling for approximate placements even when patient’s anatomical differences deviated from the norm or the expected.   Advancement in the field has been effected by ever more manageable systems aided by improved software and image generation. 

Physicians trained in C-arm technology report a greater level of confidence in providing treatment options comfortably for patients who have often been suffering for some time.  Injections are considered an early line of pain management defense today as a means to encouraging patients’ continued mobility.   When a patient can begin to experience improvement in pain management almost immediately, the pressure to pursue surgical intervention or more invasive procedures is relaxed, giving patients an opportunity to begin what can often result in  permanent healing.

Fluoroscopy Imaging Training and Applications

Training in fluoroscopy imaging, along with related spinal anatomical study of the vertebral column is now indicated for physicians working in the field of pain management.   Physician clinical experience is focused on training in c-arm pain management applications for preferred fluoroscopic imaging including practice with needle tip placement based upon tested procedures.  Physicians may be brought to competency quickly with today’s responsive c-arm software applications and software advances.