C-Arms for In-Office Fills and Lap-Band Adjustments

bariatric c-arm

We will do our best to find you a super economical refurbished C-arm to get your office humming.  Let us make sure that your Return on Investment is guaranteed with training and support. 

Experience the convenience of having a Sharp refurbished C-arm in your Bariatric clinic along with the security of knowing you can call us with any questions along the way.  We know you’ll be pleased with the solid flow of procedures and adjustments made possible.

Sharp will assist you in a thorough assessment of your clinic’s needs and determine the return you need on your investment,  procuring a C-arm package to best serve you and your patients. Let us talk to you about the Refurbished C-Arms best suited for Lap Band adjustments, Bariatric Studies such as fills and swallow studies as well as models that can take your center into the future with potential for surgical capabilities.

  • GE OEC 9600 – Still considerably affordable compared to more recent models, the OEC 9600 upgrades include what some described as vastly improved functionality and maneuverability along with a 7.5 kW Hi Frequency generator on board.  Don’t let the fills and lapband adjustments stack up, keep your office running smoothly with this efficient c-arm.
  • OEC 9400 –  Also a great producer in a busy bariatric office, this model is the original upgrade to the OEC 9000 C-Arm. Key improvements of this model give practitioners a larger viewing screen (17″) and a more powerful generator (4.5 kW) along with the reliability OEC is known for in this business.
  • OEC 7700 & OEC 7900 – Two beautiful systems to get your office in the running. When your clinic has limited space you will have no difficulty finding space to house these 2.2 kW generator standard systems. Compact performers will give you dependable fills under fluoro and lap band adjustments.  Our refurbished models can be expected to perform up to expectation for years to come.
  • Philips BV Pulsera – Originating as the BV 300 the powerful Pulsera C-Arm boasts a 7.5 kW generator and offered image clarity and versatility rivaling the OEC’s top shelf equipment. The original stationary anode tubes have now been replaced with fast cooling Philips rotating anode tubes to eliminate the “cooling time issue” for the Pulsera . This has leveled the playing field significantly and gives this C-Arm a very strong standing in the high end category of C-Arms for any busy multiple physician bariatirc practice.
  • Ziehm Quantum – These capable, state of the art C-Arms operate through a different construct than other manufacturers’ machines. The Quantum will bring your office in line with the leaders in bariatric fills under fleuro and will reflect your awareness of patient comfort and concerns. Expect excellent results even with the most challenging denser anatomy found in the majority of bariatric patients. Plan to become a one-stop clinic for all related post surgical applications as well. A solid workhorse for the price, don’t forget the Quantum outperforms even OEC’s top contenders in image quality.
  • Ziehm Vista – The Ziehm Vista C-Arm comes in a standard 9? II and include a monitor cart with dual hi-resolution monitors.

  • Ziehm Exposcop 7000 – This capable, state of the art C-Arm operates through a different construct than other manufacturers’ machines. The result is a decrease in c-arm patient dosing and exceptionally superior anatomical visibility which can be crucial for vascular and neurovascular applications. Ziehm’s sensitive imaging will bring your office in line with the Leaders in Vascular Medicine reflecting your awareness of patient comfort and safety.  Expect excellent results in the case of denser anatomy, post surgical applications and other challenges. The Quantum outperforms even OEC’s top contenders in image quality.
  • Siemens Compact L – Compare this compact c-arm somewhat ahead of the OEC 7700 in production of remarkable c-arm images and fluid maneuverability. A small portable with big performance. This C-Arm is quality equipment and a solid first investment.
  • Siemens Arcadis Varic – These compacts once liberally updated compare easily with the OEC 7700 in production of remarkable images and fluid maneuverability. Small portables with big performance equals a solid first investment.  The multipurpose boasts generator performance of up to 25 kW with a handy 13″ image intensifier and superior image quality and offers user friendly connectivity, interfaces and operation, making it one of the most efficient c-arms to be found in bariatric surgical settings. This machine will give you highly accurate functionality reports offering super diagnostics and patient education data.

idi-bariatric-c-arm-tableBariatric Tilting C-Arm Tables

Along with your refurbished C-Arm, may we suggest a new state-of-the-art bariatric tilting table to complete your C-Arm patient care room, such as the IDI Aspect High-Tilt C-Arm Table (pictured to the right)..