Refurbished C-Arms for Bariatric Procedures

c-arm bariatrics

The focus of your bariatric post-surgical care center, ultimately, is to be responsive and responsible for your Clients’ medical needs and outcomes.

Today’s weight loss patient is more educated and informed on the procedures and the responsibilities of their chosen clinic and physicians.  They are concerned with care and comfort and so are you.   According to those watching this field, surgeries and post-surgery c-arm assisted adjustments are more expensive and time consuming for patients when performed in a hospital radiology unit or an outpatient radiology facility.  In house weight loss center imaging equipment will offer both patients and doctors a more comfortable environment, saving time and money for both. This consideration is especially important in a field where patients are often bearing a great part if not all of the cost of of these surgeries and extensive follow-up.

The ability to perform post bariatric client care procedures in response to patient need is becoming the mainstay in successful bariatric surgical suites and clinics.  Remember, we are prepared to assist you with training on the intricacies of procedures as well as handling those State Agency registration requirements. 

A look at busy bariatric specialist practices demonstrates an office’s efficiency, scheduling and client comfort all benefit from the availability of quality used, properly accessorized and updated c-arms. Sharp Medical personalized c-arm sales and service can be a defining factor in your success. Let us help you tailor your c-arm office for the best productivity so you can focus on patient outcomes.  Particularly with bariatric patients, the versatility of your c-arm is dependent upon a dependable product with the specifications and innovative adjustment possibilities desired and sought out by today’s discerning patients.

For high volume clinics or those who wish to become high volume businesses, the option is clear. In office Portable C-arm systems are the wave of the present and the future. From planning through follow-up, your office can fully support patient care with the least number of barriers once your equipment is in place and running smoothly. For that reason you need a specialist in the field of C-Arm sales and service to watch out for your interests. Those who invested early on have found that the right c-arm for the job more than paved the way to the success of a Bariatric Practice. Let us help you find yours.

A busy bariatirc office seeks to be prepared with the right C-Arm equipment and accessories to aid and followup a number of procedures:

  • Bariatric surgical intervention
  • Bariatric swallow studies
  • Duodenal switch
  • Gastric banding surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Gastroplasty lap-Band surgery
  • Swallow tests and studies
  • Fills under fluoroscopy
  • Laparoscopic gastric bypass
  • Obesity consultation post surgery
  • Weight loss advisement
  • Post surgical band adjustments
  • Patient education & compliance
  • Diagnostic followup

Sharp Medical can help you assess your professional clinic’s needs and find you an economical c-arm unit and accessories unit to complete your patient care picture. We can assist you in mapping the growth of your business and holding down expenses. Whether you are ready for moving to a higher end unit or this is your first C-Arm purchase for your clinic, we have the answers to your questions. Expect conscientious training for your practioners and assistance with setting up your billing protocol.  Your return will be easy to plan and calculate with our assistance.

You need a Refurbished C-Arm source that you can count on to bring you high performance bariatric C-Arms and Tables in a timely fashion. Additionally, in today’s medical business climate, practitioners’ require a partner in equipment procurement who will pay attention to particular financial objectives and goals regarding their C-Arm equipment investment.