Mobile C-Arm Refurbishment Process

Below is a detailed step-by-step description of the C-Arm refurbishing process that perform either remotely on-site or in our refurbishing facility:


• Check all available functions of the C-arm and options based on the installed feature package. Verify the function and condition of all controls, buttons and switches of the mobile C-arm.
• Check all C arm’s keypads for condition and functionality.
• Remove monitors of the Pre-owned Used C-arm and replace with refurbished monitors.
• Clean all filters, fans and covers.
• Check power cables, interconnect cables and plugs of the C arm. Verify condition and functionality.
• Check and verify the condition and functionality of any cameras or printers of the C-arm if applicable.
• Remove all patient data and error logs from the c-arm system.
• Clean and paint the Workstation.


• Check and verify the condition and functionality of the c arm system. (Boot and Shoot).
• Check and verify image quality. Repair or replace deficient components of the C-arm.
• Verify x-ray calibration, tracking and dose – perform generator calibration.
• Check and verify the function of the collimator. Replace with refurbished collimator.
• Replace main battery packs and SRAM battery of the C-arm.
• Check, clean and verify the condition and functionality of all mechanical movements, brakes, steering, etc.
• Clean and sterilize system, perform all maintenance procedures, and paint.
• Clean wheels, clamshells, cables, and all outer surfaces.


• Verify full c arm system functionality.
• Verify system esthetics and paint, including stickers.
• Verify all image quality checks.
• Verify all x-ray calibrations.
• Verify system configuration.
• Package for shipment as directed.