That is a great question, and a common one. Before I can answer that question, I have a few of my own. First, what will the table be used for, pain management, vascular access procedures or orthopedic surgery, to name a few. That will help us determine which table functions are required to ensure you achieve a quality image and efficient patient positioning.

The second question, (that many of my customers ask first) do we have any used tables for a cost savings, or will we have to go with a new table. Many times we have used tables in stock, but we find that practices tend to trade used tables amongst themselves, so they don’t reach the secondary market. Everyone loves a used table!!

Let’s talk about pain management table straight away, they account for a majority of imaging tables sold in the USA. The most popular tables are powered carbon fiber models, that at a minimum go up/down, but frequently, customers are buying tables with the added features of lateral tilt and trendelenberg/reverse trendelenberg tilt. The powered table is great for patient and staff safety.

Now for the most important subject, cost. When we have used powered tables, they typically sell in the $3,500-$4,500 range depending on functionality and condition. The new tables range from $7,500-$12,000. We sell new tables from manufacturers such as Surgical Tables, Inc. (STI)Image Diagnostics, Inc. (IDI), Biodex and Oakworks.