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Siemens C Arms

Siemens Logo 350wSharp Medical refurbishes Siemens Mobile C-Arms back to factory standards, and tests all equipment to make sure it meets all manufacturer criteria and specifications.

Siemens Siremobil Compact L C-Arm


In the case of a Refurbished Siemens Siremobil Compact L C-Arm, your facility will be glad to see this extremely compact piece of machinery; which pulls more than its own weight in the Operating Theater.

Especially as a refurb, Siemens Siremobil C-Arms are perfect for the facility with a few key things in mind; the idea that equipment size does not belie its functionality, and ease of workflow take center stage with this equipment. It is a well-known fact that space extra space in the work area makes a huge difference in the efficiency of operators as well as offering greater options in the positioning of the C-arm Itself. By minimizing the size of the equipment, physicians are able to quickly make the necessary adjustments to collect the information they need.

Beyond its extreme mobility due to its size, Refurbished Siremobil Compact L C-Arms come standard with an Optimized workflow interface which allows the operator to register patients in its system and document images. Because this is a windows based system, it is intrinsically familiar to the vast majority of operators and extremely easy to use.

For facilities that require something a little more from their Fluoroscopy Equipment, the Siemens Siremobil C-Arm becomes an extremely attractive choice due to its performance abilities in extended fluoro times. Over 50 minutes of continuous fluoro times allow for more complex procedures like placing a pacemaker, while still maintaining the lowest dose.

With a Siemens Siremobile Compact C-Arm, a smaller footprint does not mean compromises in image quality or storage. Two High-Resolution TFT Monitors allows for superior mobility of the trolley and quick adjustments by operators to ensure that nothing is missed. The Standard package allows for 200 images to be stored, with options to upgrade to either 2 thousand or a whopping 5 thousand images.

This is a just scratching the surface of the extremely rich feature list of the Siemens Siremobil Compact C-arm. We at Sharp Medical understand very well that the process of choosing the correct C-Arm equipment for your facility can seem like a difficult task. This is why our experts are on hand to help you through the process of feature comparisons, as well as calculating investment returns for your business. We take great pride in helping our customers through every step of the process, Contact us today for any clarification you may require on any of the models, we’ll make sure everything remains focused and transparent.

Siemens Siremobil ISO-C 3D C-Arm

siemens-siremobil-isoc-3d-c-arm-250wThe Siremobil Iso-C c-arm has dual high-resolution monitors, and image storage of up to 1000 images. Also has a 9”/7”/5” image intensifier, over scan “C” movements, CCD video, and CD-R. Please call for the specific features of our current units.

If you are involved in trauma and orthopedic surgery you know the importance of precise control when repositioning dislocated bone fragments, placing pedicle screws in the spine, or positioning osteosynthetic material. Placing a screw too close to a joint, for example, can lead to extremely painful and debilitating complications that may require further surgical intervention. The 2D projection imaging of conventional mobile C-arms often leaves you wanting more spatial information to assess and confirm outcomes of the interventional procedure. In the past, the search for additional information in the OR led to the use of CT or MR systems. However in practice, these units come with a high cost, large footprint, limited mobility, patient transport concerns, and many extra logistical requirements.

With SIREMOBIL® Iso-C3D, Siemens Medical Solutions offers C-arm CT, a revolutionary new solution to the problems faced everyday in today’s demanding healthcare environment. You gain the full advantages of intra-operative 3D imaging without increasing space requirements, long preparation times for operations or the need to reposition the patient for better access. Furthermore, SIREMOBIL Iso-C3D also allows you direct surgical navigation based on intraoperatively generated 3D images.