philips-veradius-c-arm-250wRefurbished Philips Veradius C-Arm units offer a few excellent options which tend to be uncommon in the world of C-Arms. First, its Flat detector is not affected by magnetic distortions; which allows the system to be freely positioned. This allows the operator to focus more on the patient during the procedure and less on the equipment.

An excellent 1.6k by 1.4k Image matrix makes for surprisingly high image quality for its level of mobility. All around, a refurb Philips Veradius C-Arm is an extremely viable option for the facility that takes on even the most rigorous and demanding cardiac, vascular and orthopedic surgeries. An extra viewing monitor allows for another member of the team to either observe or assist.

Perhaps one of the most highly prized features of the Philips Veradius C-Arm is the amount of space that the Flat Detector frees up in the Operating Room. The ability to see and coordinate with your colleagues makes for an entirely different experience during procedures. Increasing the confidence of physicians in the operating room has a direct effect on the speed and efficiency of the procedure. By increasing the effectiveness of the team in the operating room, the investment in a refurb Philips Veradius C-Arm is quickly returned

Start up times are not often considered to be an impedance in the Operating Room, but as we all know, it is difficult to project into the future and neatly schedule every procedure. Faster start up times not only allows for streamlined preparation when we have the time, but more immediate response when time is a luxury in short supply.

A unique approach to automatic calibration makes for very consistent image quality no matter the situation at hand. Combine with this with the decreased sized of the Philips Veradius C-Arm, and you have a piece of equipment that is extremely versatile in even the most limited situations.

At Sharp Medical, we take great pride in our ability to help our customers through all parts of choosing a C-Arm for their facility. We understand that the process can seem daunting at first, this is why our experts take your specific situation into account, collecting as much information as possible before making a recommendation for your facility. We will also gladly help you with calculating the potential returns for the model in question. Our staff has several years of experience in the C-Arm industry and will help with whatever information you require to make the right decision.