GE/OEC C-ArmsSharp Medical is the largest and most experienced reseller of used and refurbished General Electric OEC C-Arms. We maintain an inventory of ready-to-go refurbished OEC C-Arms for immediate installation in your facility.




OEC 7700 C-Arm

Oec 7700 C Arm 250wWhen your clinic has limited space you will still find room to house this basic 2.2 kW generator standard system. This compact performer will give you a dependable system that can offer all the basic applications OEC is known to support and at a good price.

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OEC 7600 Compact C-Arm

oec-7600-c-arm-250wAbility to:
  • Manipulate fractures
  • Locate foreign bodies
  • Guide interventions
  • Guide catheter placements
  • Monitor lysis therapy
  • Perform simple contrast studies
  • Guide needle placement
  • Identify fractures
  • Guide catheter insertions


Hand Surgery – Automatically limits x-ray field to correct size for hand surgery, protecting personnel from unnecessary scatter

Chest & Thorax –Reduces motion lag in applications such as pacemaker implants & bronchoscopy

Dense Anatomy – Improves dense anatomy images such as the pelvis or spine

Reduced Dose – Reduces dose to minimize radiation exposure
  • Compact single component design (no monitor cart)
  • Image annotation keyboard
  • 9″/6″ Image intensifier
  • High Resolution CCD camera
  • Low Dose
    • pulsed flouro mode
    • pediatric mode
    • snap shot mode
  • 12″ or 17″ viewing monitor
  • Motorized image rotation
  • Rapid hardcopy (thermal printer)
  • Simple “one button” operation
  • Requires minimal storage space
Hard Copy & Digital Output Options
  • USB DIGITAL CAPTURE DEVICE (captures & stores digital images on USB memory stick)
  • Sony printer 897 (4 x 4 paper printer)
  • Sony printer 960 (8 x 10 paper printer)
  • Sony 980 Dual Scan video graphics printer (prints on paper & film)
  • Laser aiming device


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OEC 6800 Mini C-Arm

oec-6800-c-arm-250w The phrase “bigger is better” is a thing of the past. With today’s advancements in technology it seems like everything is getting thinner, smaller and more affordable. The OEC 6800 is no exception to this rule, and a refurbished OEC 6800 allows your staff access to this technological workhorse at a fraction of its cost. The OEC 6800 mini C-arm is half the size and has many of the same capabilities of a compact system which makes it a win-win situation for any facility.

This mini C-arm has taken the distance between the imagine intensifier and the x-ray tube and has made them much smaller to focus on arthroscopic surgeries and extremities such as hands, feet, wrists, ankles and knees. One big upgrade this model carries over its previous model is that most of this mini c-arms parts are compatible with the OEC 9800, a full sized c-arm that is being used in thousands of offices and hospitals all over the world. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to get the technology and features of a more recent model, without going over budget.

Another direct upgrade from previous models is the OEC 6800’s Dual touch screen monitors. This signifies a big step up from the 6600 series. Touch display provide a more user-friendly operating system and are better equipped to properly display images that require higher resolution. That being said, the 6800 also has twice the resolution capability then that of its younger sibling. Better imaging can lead to multiple advantages for a doctor and patient in and out of the operating room.

Money has a big part in most decisions we make, which is why the OEC 6800 was designed to give a potential owners plenty of options to impact cost. Choosing to add bonus features like built in laser aim, on board DICOM or CD drive capability all come at owner expense. Of course this all changes when you’re buying your C-arm new, refurbished or used.  Price margins can differ drastically between a refurbished 6800 and a used 6800. Both the compact size and affordable price of this mini C-arm makes it a perfect choice for offices, hospitals and surgical centers everywhere.

We understand that making the correct decision for your facility is not something to be taken lightly. Let us make sure that the process is as streamlined as possible so that you can move forward with confidence in the equipment, and the peace of mind that comes with proven technology.

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OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm


OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm Features:

  • 4/6 image intensifier 
  • One shot
  • Frame averaging
  • Patient annotation
  • 16 image storage
  • Auto fluoro mode
  • Osteo/Ped lamp for imaging lower density bones
  • Reverse camera keys 
  • Dual high-resolution monitors
  • Footswitch
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Why the GE OEC 9900 Elite?

OEC 9900 Elite Versatility. So what is it that makes the OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm one of the most adulated in the industry?

Some will tell you it’s the ability of this C-arm to effortlessly peel through image production based upon orbital, lateral, vertical and combined movements in a manner that can outpace almost any other machine on the market.

Versatility they will tell you dressed up with speed-as fast as you can handle. When you can cover nine degrees of your subject every second and span a whopping 148 degrees Orbitally as well, you have connection and maneuverability with your images that few c-arms can claim.

Add to that a Lateral scanning capability of 279/90 degrees also with speeds of 9 degrees per second coverage and the world is your oyster. Your product is only limited by your own prowess and as fun as this machine is to use you will find your masterful image limits more easily than you imagined.

With fully engaged motorized lift capabilities and the ability to view the potential images in real time on an auxiliary left hand monitor you waste no time in finding the shots you need to do your team and your patient justice.

OEC 9900 Elite User Friendly – When the clock is ticking this machine is your ever present top contender. Heck it’s your entire team if that’s how you work. As a solitary user you get all the control necessary to deliver.

Single Controller Capability – Rush situations, no problem this system even at top speed capacity will be safe for you to manage alone and sensitive to your patient. The OEC 9800 Plus has an uncanny, almost superhuman ability to detect potential collision problems as you swing from one shot to the next. You will find yourself aided with both auditory and visualize real time warnings when things get dicey. No more collisions or image knocks.

Stay Cool When the Action is Hot
– OEC has truly outdone the competition with it’s own trademarked pipe cooling capability. The field’s most dependable heat-pipe system includes a fully duct based cool off system. Cooling time –don’t worry about it. Your 9800 Plus is a non-stop producer.

The 9900 Elite when strained has over and over demonstrated itself to be impervious to the heat generated. The heat capacity of the x-ray tubes on this machine can handle faster throughput of patients without a break. You get an increase of fluoro up time without fail. The busiest offices have not been disappointed and we’ve heard them announce they wouldn’t trade their single 9800 Plus for three of any other machine on the market!

Plug and Play the OEC 9900 Elite – The real fun is in the details and those operators who just love their video games and love the feeling of a powerful joystick in their hands will tell you that the 9800 Plus puts it all on the line. Based upon the best of “JOYSTICK” capabilities this controller system brings a sense of expert handling to the operator. Full control and full access is what the 9900 Elite is all about.

And talk about plug and play. There is little more to the set up of the GE OEC 9900 Plus than finding the right environment, the right table and the right operator, hopefully one who can engage this machine for maximum performance for your office.

Training is a cinch with the intuitive nature of the programming and a touchscreen that will make your operator’s life simple. Your screen will appear already annotated with patient information. Prepare to fluro, choose your favorite image modality, and press the x ray exposure start switch on your remote handheld controller. Or if you choose move easily between mainframe and foot pedal control options.

Plug in and retrieve your patient’s info without a glitch, select the image manipulation functions; mark your images and choose hard copy film reproductions or paper PRINT and/or SEND! How much easier can it get?

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Plug and Play the OEC 9800 Plus C Arm

Quality Images and Clinic Productivity  MD Buyline, a consumer education website and publication has been a  long time recognized and top rated independent health care research company.  Buyline has rated OEC’s products as ranking as the top C-Arms in the industry for USER SATISFACTION.  GE has consistently received  top scores competitively in this category due to equipment such as the OEC 9800 Plus.  In particular, GE prides itself on their unique technological (Proprietary Imaging I.Q. and rightly so)  imaging capability.  Not just a dependable image but an outstanding image and all with less training time for the operator.  What makes the OEC 9800 Plus c-arm so special in terms of usability?   

Intelligence in imaging is a claim not lightly made, here.  The  9800 Plus in particular has shown that it can assist even an inexperienced technician to calculate with greater speed and accuracy for a truly advanced outcome.  The 9800 Plus’ Proprietary Imaging system does half the work of focusing and cleaning up images before the technician even lifts a finger. Efficiency like this plays a key role in the turnaround time and overall scheduling outcome.  Very simply more and better images eventually pays back on an investment such as that needed for one of these machines.  No manual adjustments are needed.  The images almost “take themselves on the 9800 Plus!  It starts with the easy to use control system that cuts training time and costs to the bone.  And that is a lot of justification for the price over the long haul.  Additionally the power of the OEC 9800 Plus and the flexibility allows for imaging of very dense subjectsOEC calls it the “Smart Window”.   

Recognized as the top of the game in quality and creating a new standard for concise controlled  imaging OEC promises value that you can see.  Basically the average image a technician is working with upon first glance is a slightly grainy and somewhat distorted scan that takes a lot of expertise and a good dollop of time to discern, trim and focus in on.  The operator’s level of expertise can make or break the value and usefulness of this image.  OEC has created an initial viewing window that samples the image in a more clear fashion and gives the operator a collimator positioning tool which assists as technician determines  from which vantage to extrapolate new images.  

The window does the work, adjusting for brightness, leveling out the contrasts in the image and offering a dual -leaf tungsten collimator that gives maximum control in framing an image. “Auto Track Function How the OEC 9800 Plus Cuts Training Time and Costs.  So, have we mentioned Plug and Play and Point and Shoot and how these impact fluro applications with the 9800+?  Basically the sample window can auto-detect the most efficient image  and choose the correct imaging technique for each case that comes under the cam.  Auto-correct springs into action if/when the subject moves saving imaging time and keeping technicians thankful and sane.  Reductions of blurring, dark images and burned out images means you don’t waste time or reproductions.  Lower doses of radiation are guaranteed when fewer images are needed, good for patient and technician.  Easily print down easy to read charts with dose indicators following any scan. 

The built in DICOM connectivity of this machine can interface easily into a hospital system or clinic database to improve patient information management. It can also send images to networks, laser cameras, printers or archives. C-view’s trademarked software allows images to be viewed from any P/C as well.   On site creation of DVD’s ,CD’s, streaming video, and disk copies further saves time and money. More than 700 images may be added to one CD.  Enhanced patient confidentiality, so important these days, is guaranteed when you use OEC’s new HIjAA SECUREView features on the workstation allowing blank screen, erase screen and library archive with a single keyboard button.

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