ILEX 55 by IDI

User Testimonials

“What do you do to make the images so good?”

– Vascular Doctor CA

“WOW! Take a picture of that screen, I want it for my section meeting!”

– Neuro Doctor IL

Note: He went to the OR Director told them to buy it, and took a video to his section meeting (at a hospital across town). Oh….. he wasn’t even part of the original demo

“I dont’ need to mag my images with the size of those images”

– Vascular Doctor GA

“I will move all my ERCP’s to this hospital if they buy this”

– G.I. Dr. Indianapolis IN

“I am so glad I waited to complete the other room and didn’t buy a second (competitive product). The Ilex is a far more superior product with better capability and certainly more cost effective”

– Business Director, Detroit Area


ILEX 55 Brochure

The first mobile large field 4K UHD display solution with built in integration

A State-of-the-Art Display Solution for Vascular, GI and Neurosurgery

The ilex 55 creates a state-of-the art mobile diagnostic platform to meet the imaging requirements of interventional procedures in hospital and office-based labs. With the ilex 55 less complex interventional procedures can be performed in any room without the cost associated with fixed integration.

Discover the ilex 55

  • 55” UHD 4K monitor with 12 bit processing and expanded color pallet.
  • Display up to four 27” diagonal equivalent 1920 x 1080p HD images at one time.
  • Bonded glass technology – spectacular black levels.
  • Four times the pixels of an HD monitor – sharper images.
  • Reduces the need for magnification – dose reduction with less eye strain.
  • Physician endorsements “Safer, more precise visualization of anatomy as well as guide wires, stents.”
  • Intelligent image management – customize and manage image sources.

Retracted position for transfer or storage Variable work height: 20″

Side-by-side image size comparison. Left: Standard C-Arm Image Display Right: ilex 55

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