Advances in Imaging for Urology

Have you already experienced the benefits of a dedicated mobile C-Arm in your Urology Care Business and is it time for an upgrade?

Or have you been considering the move to a fully equipped urology practice and just need to know your best options?  Either way, a Sharp refurbished c-arm expert is ready to assist you. 

Today the medical advances in the field of urology come fast and furious. Physicians are challenged to keep up with the expanding horizons of urological testing, urology surgeries and interventions. There is often more immediacy required to meet patient needs and investing in an affordable Mobile C-Arm Unit has become more and more desirable. The focus of your urology medical office or institution, ultimately, is to be responsive and responsible for patient’s diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

The advanced level of imaging offered by our refurbished Mobile C-Arms for urologic studies and procedures has made them almost indispensable. Having your own equipment on site can bring benefits in terms of saving time and cultivating patient confidence and satisfaction. Allow us to show you some options that make this possibility a probability.