We can provide a mobile medical training lab at most facilities of your choice such as a hotel, surgical center, doctor’s office, your offices or headquarters.

To help facilitate a seamless medical training course, Med Ed Labs provides an experienced lab technician that will set up and coordinate the training event in addition to handling the placement and removal of the cadaver specimen. The lab technician will also set up the medical instruments and equipment before the lab, and clean and disinfect them after the lab in hot water and disinfectant chemicals.

To ensure the meeting space stays protected, our team covers the flooring and any other space that needs to be safeguarded with durable 6mm Visquene plastic covering.

How We Help

We will provide the following services:

  • Ship All Cadaveric Specimens To Your Desired Location

  • Ship All Surgical Training Instruments And Equipment To Your Desired Location.

  • Ship All Personal Protective Equipment To Your Desired Location.

  • Provide Experienced Tissue And Laboratory Technicians To Supervise.

  • Provide Cleaning Services For Your Instruments And Equipment.
  • Provide All Imaging Needs Such As C-ARM’s And Radiation Technicians.
  • Offer Full Audio And Video Services For The Off-Site Mobile Labs.
  • Off-Site Labs Can Be Set Up In Various Sizes; From One Station Labs That Can Scale Up To 40 Stations In Larger Conference Labs.
  • We Can Set Up Off-Site Labs In A Doctors Office Or A Surgery Center. In This Scenario, The Attendees Are Usually Very Comfortable With The Familiar Surroundings.
  • We Can Set Up Off-Site Labs In Company Offices Or Headquarters In An Empty Room.

Medical Equipment

We coordinate and ship in all of the lab training supplies from surgical instruments, to PPE’s for attendees, and other equipment such as:

  • C-Arms
  • Bovie Cautery Units
  • Suction Units
  • Surgical Towers For Arthroscopic And Endoscopic Surgery
  • Cadaver Specimens
  • Surgical Drills And Saws
  • Surgical Tables And Lighting