The Sony UP-897MD black and white video printer is designed specifically for use with medical diagnostic equipment, such as ultrasound systems. The UP-897MD packs power in a small chassis. High-quality, photo-like prints are produced in approximately two seconds.

The UP-897MD is extremely small and light weight. For additional convenience, the UP-897MD adds a jog dial to the front panel for easy operation.

• High Resolution – 1280 dot density for improved image quality
• High Gloss/High Density Prints with Sony UPP-110HG High Gloss Media
• Fast Print Speed – 3.9 seconds in STD mode
• Compact and Lightweight Design
• Multiple Print Modes – Normal, small and 2x zoom

For high-quality video prints in seconds, the Sony UP-895MD Black and White Video Graphic Printer can produce glossy photo images. Features include a 1280-dot density, 256 shades of gray, as low as 3.9 second printing speed, and multiple print formats (normal, small, and 2x zoom). The Sony UP-895MD printer is compatible with both NTSC and PAL formats.